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Now is the time to take a leap of faith; to make things happen. Create an impression. Inspire and be inspired. Tell your story.

Here at kimberlyjy, you’ll find a healthy balance of work and play. I travel, record, blog, design and help build brands and campaigns. The idea is to (truly) live while doing first-rate work to sustain and complement my travels.


My aim is to live and work as a nomad. What's yours?
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The "Cloud Walkers" Project

  • – Patrick Rocca

    “Since day one, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in marketing and design. Kim has been a pleasure to work with and has always been very professional and efficient.”

    – Patrick Rocca
  • – The Team (Carolyn & Elspeth)

    “We are a real estate company in Toronto, Canada, with a staff of 126 agents. Kim shows great commitment to us and has consistently made impressive contributions to our marketing. She is focused, fast and accurate.”

    – The Team (Carolyn & Elspeth)
  • – Tovah Socha

    “Kim worked her magic to develop several pieces for me − business cards, open house signs, buyer’s and seller’s guides, event banners, a media poster, a brochure, a postcard, and letterhead −in what I now describe as a whirlwind of activity. I highly recommend Kim if you’re looking for artistic talent, innovative ideas and a collaborative working style.”

    – Tovah Socha
  • – Diana Ning

    “Kim is personable, professional and expert with a high level of integrity. She always delivers the right solution with the best quality thanks to her creativity and dedication. I would never hesitate to recommend her to any company that seeks for high performing employees.”

    – Diana Ning
  • Lian, Tin Bird Productions

    The business is doing well and I get a lot of compliments on my logo!

    Lian, Tin Bird Productions