One Second Video A Day Project

Upon landing in Spain on July 12th, 2015, I commenced my One-Second Video A Day project. I took one-second videos everyday for 350 days (+ 1 back in Canada) while on “working holiday”. I captured the most mundane things – from assembling a fan to working on my laptop and lying on the couch – but I also captured beautiful scenery, great people, amazing fiestas and delicious food. I can’t promise that you’ll find snippets of my days entertaining nor can I promise that you’ll comprehend everything a hundred per cent. However, I can assure you that I worked hard to share with you a candid visual diary of the past year. Here is 350 days in 350 seconds.


350 Days On Working Holiday In 350 Seconds from kimberlyjy on Vimeo.

More about the project

The Idea

To take a one-second snippet of everyday life each day while being away on a “working holiday” for a year.

Top 3 Challenges I Encountered

It’s a project that required dedication, a good memory, discipline and excellent organizational skills. It wasn’t easy to do especially while moving around a lot. Here are some issues I had to deal with:

1. Disorganized & missing files
Using different devices to take videos with meant that I had various sources (and not to mention resolutions) to pull files from. It could get messy. In fact, it did. Also, after a few days (or months) of not sorting files properly (i.e. renaming files, creating well-labeled chronological folders) things got *very confusing.
I managed to remember to take a video everyday.. but I managed to lose a couple as well. This is mainly due to forgetting to back up my files, running out of space in my device and deleting what I thought had already been backed up. Those are the “black holes of memory” that you see in my final video.

2. Curating honestly
Looking back at the videos, there are some that I’d rather keep to myself or bring back memories that I’d rather forget. I could have taken them out or switched them with something else… but a successful project demands the use of the available most honest representations of the days that passed… and that’s what I present to you now.

3. Remembering
Like I said; I managed to remember. It wasn’t easy though. A few times I have had a great or extraordinarily active day and only remembered to take one when I was sitting in the apartment or walking back.

3 Most Important Lessons I Learned

1. You can’t capture the best moments of your life on camera
You can record the events leading to or following them but the best moments – when you’ve got nothing else on your mind and you’re fully immersed in that special bubble of the seemingly infinite second, minute or hour – can’t be captured. I don’t think they’re meant to be.

2. One second of footage can bring back so many memories
… of people, conversations, music, happenings, emotions, scents, tastes, musings – the list goes on.

3. Just because they don’t show on screen, doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist nor mean nothing
There are so many characters and events that I value that didn’t make it in my videos. It doesn’t mean that they’re forgotten or unimportant.

It’s hard to believe that (almost) a year can be summarized in 350 seconds. Sigh, it’s hard to believe that a year is over. I can’t fathom how quickly time passes. Putting the videos together was a bittersweet experience. It made me miss and revisit the places, people, cultures, and lifestyle again. It made me want to go back. I find it difficult to accept that beautiful moments can’t last a lifetime. I guess what really matters isn’t the length of time but that it happened. After all, beautiful moments don’t last forever to make room for more, no?


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